How To Do A Kettlebell Windmill

A compound movement such as the kettlebell windmill is an exceptional way to increase the look and feel of your muscles. You always want to have a movement such as this which is going to help in strength gains.

The exercise sounds nice doesn’t it? However, you might not know how to implement it into your workout program.

windmill kettlebell

Here are the steps you will need to utilize when you are hoping to complete the movement in the right manner without any hitches.

When done right, this is a powerful exercise that is going to increase your strength gains in a hurry.

1) Focus On Planting The Feet

You will have to look at your feet while you are setting up. You are going to begin with a simple “shoulder’s width apart” setup. However, you are going to turn both feet to the left. You are going to turn the right foot around 30 degrees while the left foot is going to turn 45 degrees. Just make sure the left foot is turned more than the right foot. It is not about the degrees, but about the general position.

You want to do this without a weight first, so you get a hang of it.

You might fall if you try to do it with a weight immediately.

2) Right Leg Remains Locked

Your right leg is not going to move. You are completing the movement through the left side of your body. When you switch sides, you are going to do the opposite of course.

The right leg is going to remain locked because you are sliding down the left leg.

You don’t want the right leg to ruin the movement by providing too much support. You are looking to balance the kettlebell and remain firm, so you will need to get this leg locked up.

Make sure to focus on this when you are practicing the movement.

3) Wrist Remains Locked For Entire Movement

The wrist is not going to unlock at any point of the movement (i.e. the right hand). You don’t want the weight to fall down on you, so you are going to keep the wrist locked.

Plus, if the wrist is not locked, you are now looking at the arm doing everything for you in keeping the weight from moving.

You want the core to do most of the work, so you will have to focus on the wrists and keep them in place for as long as you can.

Do not let the wrists unlock or you will get hurt.

4) Focus On Controlled Ascent And Descent

The movement is going to be completed by slowly sliding your left hand down the inside of your left leg. You are looking to touch your left foot without moving anything else.

This is going to let the body control the weight and make sure you can activate as many muscles inside the body as possible.

It is an exceptional experience when you do it in a controlled manner.

Remember, the idea behind this exercise is to hit multiple muscles, so you will have to avoid rushing through it. If you can rush through the movement, you are not doing it right. Even a small amount of weight should be enough to put stress on the body. You want to control the ascent and descent as much as possible to get a lot of out of this exercise.

If you are still finding it easy, look to increase the weight or hold your position in the middle for a while longer to feel the burn.

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