Turkish Get Up

How To Do a Kettlebell Turkish Get Up

50% of your movement is going to be completed by stabilizers in the body. These are smaller muscles most people don’t pay attention to. You forget the body is not just a collection of large muscles, and that is a mistake smart individuals will not let happen.

The kettlebell Turkish get up is one of those workouts you can use for those stabilizers.

This is a great workout to get more out of those muscles and work them out as well. It is about becoming a stronger person as a whole rather than just working on the common muscle groups.

Here is how the movement is done.

turkish get up kettlebell

1) Begin Lying Down Flat

You are going to start the movement by lying down flat. Your right leg is going to be brought up as you would when getting up. You are going to thrust off of this leg into the next step of the movement.

You will roll onto your elbow and then left up (thrust). The only thing in contact with the ground is going to be the elbow and feet at this point. You will then get onto your left knee while still keeping the kettlebell up.

You are then going to stand up, and the movement is complete as you reverse back to the starting position.

2) Focus On One Side

You want to focus on one side and then move onto the next. You will switch hands and legs when it comes to the other side. Look to do this evenly so you can get a balanced workout.

3) Kettlebell Remains Locked

Make sure to have the kettlebell locked in place after you have initially pressed it while lying down. You don’t want to leave it loose as that is going to become a problem for your balance.

You could fall because of the kettlebell not being locked.

It is a difficult exercise to complete because of how many steps there are, so you want to get this part right. Look to lock it in place and then keep it there until you are rolling back down into the starting position.

4) Keep Eyes On The Kettlebell

You have to pay attention to the kettlebell as it is going to be looming over your head. You do not want to take your eyes off of it because that is a part of the movement.

When your eyes are locked in, you can carry out the movement with ease.

5) Use Other Hand As Support While Getting Up

You need to use the other hand as you are getting up. You are not going to be able to complete the movement without this support.

Now. You want to still keep your hand straight and use minimal support to get up.

Remember, the heart of this exercise is in getting up, so you will have to do so in an optimal fashion using your hand.

The kettlebell Turkish get up is one of those movements you will want to have. It is going to help those stabilizers grow in a hurry. You want to remember to do this properly because those smaller muscles are going to be worked out hard. You want to maintain stability throughout the movement and if there are weaknesses, you want to slow it down. You don’t want to rush through at all.

Look to be patient and then use your mind-muscle connection to get more out of the kettlebell Turkish get up. There are many steps, so look to break it down and race through it in your head until it becomes easier to complete.

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