Push Press

How To Do A Kettlebell Push Press With Good Form

The “push press” with weight is one of the finest shoulder exercises in the world. It is effective and targets the muscle from all angles. It is a natural movement of lifting something up and over. It is an excellent move for those who are hoping to maximize their load and get it up in an efficient manner.

push press kettlebell

Now, the push press might be beneficial, but when done wrong, it can cause issues.

You have to know the technique when using kettlebells to get the most out of it or you could get hurt.

Let’s see how to make it work to your advantage.

1) Stable Base Needed (Ground and Feet)

Begin with a stable base. You want to be on firm ground that is even. This is so you don’t fall over.

Plus, you are going to want the feet to be shoulder’s width apart with the arms being even too.

You don’t want the arms to be too far out because that is not going to give you a stable base to work with. The same goes for your feet.

2) Firm Grip

Do you have a firm grip on the kettlebells? You are going to be putting them over your head, so a loose grip is not going to do at all. You will get hurt if they fall down on top of you as they could when you have a loose grip.

Grab it firmly and make sure your hands are securely in place.

3) Use Slight Momentum From Legs

You are going to begin by going down instead of up. You are going to bend the knees and use this as momentum to push up.

It is only a slight bend, and you are not going into a full squat. This is too much, and you will ruin your leverage and be working out the wrong muscles.

4) Lock Out At The Top

You are going to finish the movement when it is locked at the top. You don’t have to slam your elbows straight, but look to get a complete extension. This will help in targeting the shoulder from all angles as you are hoping to.

The shoulder is a fascinating muscle and is going to require proper stimulation.

This is why the “locked out” finish is important and something you should consider as you are doing the movement.

It is fine not to lock out as you begin to rep out the final few repetitions.

You have to learn to adapt to how your set is going. If you can’t lock out, it means you are tiring. Put the kettlebells down and rest.

5) Slowly Bring Kettlebells Down

The common reaction and the reason people get injured is to drop their hands. This is a mistake because the weights are heavy, and you are going to be using gravity against you by doing this.

Look to bring the weight down in a methodical manner. The added benefit comes in the form of your muscles being used more as the weight is lowered. You can get better growth by doing this as well.

Look at these steps as a must when you are hoping to complete this kettlebell exercise. You have to do this in sync, or the movement is going to fall apart on you. Many people are rigid while doing this or don’t use momentum which can hurt the back/neck. You have to be smarter than this and learn to get this movement in sync. There are a lot of moving parts, so think about what you are doing and then focus on finishing the move.

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