Military Press

How To Do a Kettlebell Military Press

Are your shoulders lacking? The kettlebell military press is one of those movements which deserves a spot in your workout program as soon as possible. It si a powerful, high-quality movement that is going to optimize what you are doing in the gym for the shoulders.

one armed military press kettlebell

Grab the kettlebells and start doing this movement as soon as you can.

How does the kettlebell military press work for those who are intrigued? Let’s take a look as it is a simple exercise that can get complicated for those who are not willing to follow the steps.

1) Shoulder’s Width For Feet

You are going to prepare for the first repetition by getting the feet in place. This is going to be done standing, so you are going to look at your feet as the base to work from.

The feet are going to be shoulder’s width apart. You don’t want to go too far out from this position as it will remove all of the stability you have.

If your feet are too close, the same issue is going to arise.

Keep it at a fair distance and you will be okay.

2) Elbows Out Point East And West

You are going to set up the elbows at this point. The goal with this setup is to make sure the elbows are purposely flared out to the side. You are going to have the elbows pointing “East and West” if you were a compass.

Look to do this in a straight line or you are going to get injured.

You want to make sure the elbows are not out in front or behind your body.

It should be in line with the body as if you were making a human “T”.

It will be like you are flexing your biceps tightly with the elbows firmly out.

3) Only Arms Move Up

You are going to target the shoulders, so you want the arms to do the most work. You are hoping to get the arms to move in a straight line above your head. You are going to look to lock out at the top when you are finishing the repetition off.

You are not going to use too much leverage with your legs for this movement.

It is a strict military press, so your brain should be thinking about the arms and shoulders only. This is the only way you will get the most out of this pressing movement.

4) Bring Down Slowly

You will lower the weight slowly after you have locked out at the top. The goal is to make sure you are maximizing the move. This means you want to feel the burn as the weight is being lowered. This is not only an optimal way of doing things, but it is also the safe way as well for those who want to avoid injury to their shoulders.

When you bring the weight down slowly, you are going to get more out of the movement in general.

This is how you are supposed to do the kettlebell military press. Follow the steps listed here and make sure you are not skipping over anything. It seems like an movement where you have to grab the weight and hoist it over, but that is not how it works. You will get injured if that is the approach and mindset you go into the exercise with. You have to think ahead and make sure you are following the steps to a tee.

Once you do this, the military press is going to be an exceptional addition to your program.

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