Goblet Squat

How To Do Kettlebell Goblet Squats

The famous goblet squat is an exercise developed by Dan John that was designed to teach athletes the correct way to squat. This particular technique teaches proper form and assists athletes in learning the method of a squat position using the legs opposed to using the upper body. The kettlebell goblet squat is also suggested as a fantastic exercise for teaching women the correct way to squat.

goblet squats with kettlebell

The Kettlebell Goblet Squat Method

Goblet squats is the best way to teach an individual how to spread their stance and then ìsquat between the heels.î The way the individual is able to squat in an upright position with this technique is due to the fact that this way of squatting is described as a type of front squat. This technique is also good for those people with long legs that will gain more from front squats opposed to the back squats.

The Goblet Squat Position

The position of the feet which is described as the distance between the feet has been suggested using individual physiology. However, in most cases the individual is able to adjust from their natural position and in the process strengthen their supportive muscles. An example of this will include that the personís natural position usually encompasses a wide stance, but there is always value in a narrower stance as the muscles that surround the knees are able to become stronger.

It is advisable for individuals not to experiment too much with the stance until they have reached a stage that they are proficient with the exercise as well as fully warmed up. The incorrect stance can result in bad form that places strain on the lower back and the knees.

Once the natural stance is found, the kettlebell goblet squat encourages that the body is in a more upright position in the downward-motion. When the individual pays attention on maintaining a straight back and narrowing their stance, this type of exercise is extremely effective and safe to use.

When it comes to warming up, the medicine-ball goblet is more comfortable to use to get the heart rate going. Once warmed up the individual can now confidently move onto a kettlebell. When the equipment becomes heavy during the process of the exercise, it is always advisable to keep the repetitions to 6 or even below. This is due to that the exercise may be easy to learn and understand, but once the individual becomes tired, the danger of injuries can occur due to the incorrect position.

The kettlebells must be kept near to the area of the chest and the elbows should be positioned between the knees when in the downward position and not to the sides or on-top of the knees. When performing goblets using kettlebells, the exercise can be followed up or superset using swings.

Advanced Kettlebell Goblet Squats

For those who are in search of a more intense workout, the exercise can involve pullovers or swings and then follow up with elevated-lunges. Due to the light weight of the kettlebell it is advisable to add in these advanced moves once the goblet squat has been mastered.

Additional Suggestions

Dan John suggests that while doing the goblet squats, one can drop down as low as they can go and then come back up to a parallel position, then dropping down again to the lowest position. This can then be followed up with step-ups still holding the kettlebell in the position of the goblet squat. While the goblet squat was initially created as a type of teaching exercise, many individuals now include this exercise into their routine.

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